Monday, April 13, 2015

BlackBerry BES 12 Management Pack for SCOM 2012 R2


Thanks all for your feedback.

<<<For those asking for a customized MP, you can email me directly if you wish to "brand" this or any MP with your company name instead of "MundoSCOM".>>>.

This management pack is for monitoring BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 12.

This MP is designed for BES 12 servers that have been upgraded from BES version 5. This setup is done in order to manage BlackBerry legacy and BB10 devices.

(Link to download xml file below)

Console View:


This management pack uses a seed class that searches for the following registry key:

 Monitored BES and BES12 Services:

NOTE: All Monitors are enabled by default. In a Cluster setup, monitors for services set to ‘Manual’ could be disabled in order to avoid alerts from the passive node when servers are rebooted.

Distributed Application:

The Management Pack and the information is provided “AS IS” with no warranties. Use at your own risk!



  1. Hi Héctor,

    Thanks for publishing and sharing your work
    We are testing the MP in our lab, but the BES servers are not discovered.

    It´s necesary some configuration on the BES servers or in the MP to work?


  2. Appologies for the delay in answering. I thought I did via my mobile app.

    The MP does not require additional configuration. It searches for the following registry key:


    Remember this MP has been model after a BES 5 server that was upgraded to BES 12.

    Email me if you have any other issue

  3. Hi

    Does this management pack work if you have not upgrade blackberry version 12. We installed blackberry 12 on new servers so no upgrade took place

  4. Hello there,
    It should work, no problem. Just remember to disable the BES 5 related monitors via override.

    ping me if you have any other question.


  5. Ensure that this registry key exist on your BES 12 Server




  6. That registry key is present on our servers, any ideas why they aren't being discovered?

    Also, couldn't find your email...

  7. Hi there. If the reg key exist then the server should be discovered. Hate to ask basic questions but has the scom 2012 agent been installed on the BES 12 server? Ping me at

  8. I'm having the same issue as above, the blackberry MP is not discovering any of the blackberry 12 servers (using blacberry 12.1), the registry entry is correct (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\BlackBerry\BES12). Any other ideas why it's not finding the server?

  9. For anyone else using this MP, Hector has updated the management Pack to version and it works Perfect!!! The Discovery is set to 15 minutes so once your BES servers have been discovered you should change this as below
    On the scom console go to Authoring--->Object Discoveries. Change Scope to BES 12 Servers Target.
    Under discover type select the properties for BES 12 servers discoveries. Change the Schedule to 4 hours

    Thanks again Hector, great management pack


  10. First and foremost, thank you for this excellent MP. I was looking at writing one to handle similar monitoring and yours was perfect for my needs. Thank you for sharing.

    The last person indicating they were having a problem with the MP was almost a year ago, so I hesitate to even post this. But I too was in the situation where the discovery was not working for me. The seed discovery worked fine as proved by simply creating a group that included all objects of the seed class. The scripted discovery for the servers and BES.12 classes was not populating.

    After looking at the discovery, and several times deciding that the code looked fine, I made the following changes which resolved my issue. Instead of assuming access to the global $MPElement$ and $Target/Id$ variables, I explicitly passed them into the script:

    $MPElement$ $Target/Id$ $Target/Host/Property[Type="Windows!Microsoft.Windows.Computer"]/PrincipalName$
    Option Explicit

    Dim SourceId, ManagedEntityId, oTarget
    'Setup variables sent in through script arguments
    SourceId = WScript.Arguments(0) 'GUID of MundoSCOM.Blackberry.BES.12.Discovery.BES.12.Servers Discovery object
    ManagedEntityId = WScript.Arguments(1) 'GUID of the Seed Class instance that is targeted by this script pass
    oTarget = WScript.Arguments(2) 'FQDN of the Seed Class instance computer object that is targeted by this script pass

    Dim oScriptAPI, oDiscoveryData
    Set oScriptAPI = CreateObject("MOM.ScriptAPI")
    Set oDiscoveryData = oScriptAPI.CreateDiscoveryData(0, SourceId, ManagedEntityId)

    This was the only change I made. Once reimported, the secondary discoveries started to work.
    Just posting this in case someone else has this issue.
    (SCOM 2012 R2 UR11)

    Thanks again.

    1. Thanks for the update. Apologies for delayed response I did not get a notification.

  11. Hi Hector,

    Can i use this MP to monitor Blackberry UEM serevrs? please advice


  12. Thanks for the update. Apologies for delayed response I did not get a notification. Probably not but email me the details of what you wish to monitor (services, eventId,) and will try to help you out